Building the future All the way with $DOGAI

$DOGAI is a digital currency created exclusively to revolutionize the way AI and crypto works together by building innovative AI tools.


DogAI Chat & image

DogAI NFT Collection

DogAI MarketCap

DogAI Staking

Benefits for DogAI Holders

DogAI Army holders get various advantages by holding $DOGAI

Experienced Team

Our team is built by experienced developers and marketing advisors from successful projects.


Starting from Pancakeswap ,  we are giving the opportunity to everyone to get involved at the very early stage of the project.

DogAI Dapps

Apps will be available some days after launch: 
DogAI Chat , image generator, NFT collection, booster, Debit cards, Swap, DogAI Marketcap.

100% liquidity locked

100% liqudity locked, DogAI Army acticities and marketing tokens vested.

6 % fee per TX

Available Worldwide

use 9% slippage on you transactions.Trade as much as you want and whales are welcomed.

Benefits for Token Holders

Get access to our whole ecosystem and premium features. 

Why Dogai ?

Dogai believe with the right products and  community, all of us can revolutionise the industry

Social Network

Our first milestone to our tireless work for bringing Dogai project to life was establishing the socials for our supporters so that everyone can be updated with our progress.

Decision making assistance

Dogai is going to revolutionnizing the way AI and crypto works together by created the useful tools that will be used among the community.


Growing the community of Dogai was the key to a successful launch. We put exceptional effort to growing the community and marketing the coin everywhere.


Buy Dogai token by connecting your wallet on the Binance smart chain network.

*0.25% of every trade automatically sent to the burn address

Buy, Hold, and Earn Rewards on $DOGAI

You can stake $DOGAI tokens to start earning staking rewards .

Join the $DOGAI staking programme and earn +15% per annum for holding $DOGAI.

Accelerated and Sustainable Adoption

DogAI is revolutionising AI, NFT, Crypto Tracking and the digital content economy with practical applications of blockchain. We are building best-in-class decentralised solutions to drive the sustainable adoption of the DogAI brand across the world.

Token-Utility-Market Fit

$DOGAI is used in Dogai’s ecosystem for accessing premium features across our dapps , earning staking rewards.

Virtuous Ecosystem Loop

The DogAI ecosystem includes the Ai Chat & image generator, NFT collection, DogAI MarketCap, and staking. Users buy and earn $DOGAI while accessing premium features.  DogAI team  will buy-back and burn $DOGAI to reduce supply. Traders and investors buy $DogAI to profit from the market dynamics.


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Company Road Map

2023: Fundraising & Developement

The DogAi team is committed to developing a suite of cutting-edge products that will be made available to the public upon their completion. To achieve this goal, we are recruiting top industry experts to create a suite of tools that align with our vision of building the AI Dapps of tomorrow. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation and are excited to share our vision with the world.

2024: Expansion & partnerships

 partnerships with industry leaders and developing innovative products ,  becoming a major disruptor in the crypto industry. By staying true to our vision and working collaboratively with other leaders in the field, we believe we can drive innovation and shape the future of AI and crypto.

2025: DogAIverse launch

DogAIverse is a mysterious project that our team is starting working on. More informations will be announced.

Join the DogAI Army

As a project driven by our community, we place the utmost value on user experience. Our community is at the heart of our mission, and we firmly believe that by working together hand in hand, we can achieve remarkable feats.

DogAi Market Overiew

Hitting the crypto markets with  innovative Ai tools, DogAI is  targeting a market of millions of potential users

15 T
Total Cryptocurrency MCap
350 M
Crypto users
0 B+
Global AI market's worth
0 %
Of people use AI tools

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