A Powerful Combination of AI and Blockchain

$DOGAI is a digital currency created exclusively to revolutionize the way AI and crypto work together by building innovative and useful tools.

By combining the power of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, $DOGAI seeks to provide the Crypto community with innovative decision making assistance tools. The launch of $DOGAI is a significant step forward in the future of financial technology and the way we manage our money.

$DOGAI is developing a platform that will allow users to benefit from the power of AI. Through the use of AI, $DOGAI will offer innovative financial services such as market prediction, portfolio management, and trend analysis.

By choosing $DOGAI, users can be certain to benefit from the most advanced technology. Furthermore, by using $DOGAI, users can be sure to be part of a movement aimed at revolutionizing the way we manage our money in an increasingly digital world.

In conclusion, $DOGAI is an innovative cryptocurrency that focuses on combining AI and blockchain to provide advanced Ai tools for Market Trends and blockchain analysis. If you’re looking for a modern and cutting-edge cryptocurrency option, $DOGAI is the answer.


Ecosystem for Dogai Holders

DogAI Army get access to various AI tools developed by DogAI 

DogAI MarketCap

Through the use of AI, DogAI Marketcap will offer irnnovative financial services such as market prediction, portfolio management, and trend analysis. This will allow users to make informed financial decisions and optimize their profitability.

DogAI Chat generator

Experience the power of DogAI chat by communicating directly with a trained AI model through your device. Chatting with AI allows you to see how it processes and responds to natural language inputs, offering a glimpse into the capabilities and limitations of AI. Engage with AI to learn more about how it works, and to understand how it can be used in different applications.

DogAI Image generator

Unleash your creativity and take your designs to the next level with the DogAI image generator! This powerful tool allows you to easily create stunning graphics and visual content, with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use for anyone.

NFT Generator

Unleash your creativity and take your NFTs to the next level with the DogAI NFT Generator!

You need to hold 500 M tokens to use this tool!

DogAi Dapp tools

Buy crypto with Credit / Debit card directly to your wallet, swap, portfolio tracker and much more to come!

DogAI Staking

Earn 15% APR by staking your $DOGAI tokens.


Buy DOGAI token by connecting your wallet on the Binance smart chain network.

*0.25% of every trade automatically sent to the burn address

Buy, Hold, and Earn Rewards on $DOGAI

You can stake $DOGAI tokens to start earning staking rewards .

Join the $DOGAI staking programme and earn +15% per annum for holding $DOGAI.

Accelerated and Sustainable Adoption

DogAI is revolutionising AI, NFT, Crypto Tracking and the digital content economy with practical applications of blockchain. We are building best-in-class decentralised solutions to drive the sustainable adoption of the DogAI brand across the world.

Token-Utility-Market Fit

$DOGAI is used in Dogai’s ecosystem for accessing premium features across our dapps , earning staking rewards.

Virtuous Ecosystem Loop

The DogAI ecosystem includes the Ai Chat & image generator, NFT collection, DogAI MarketCap, and staking. Users buy and earn $DOGAI while accessing premium features.  DogAI team  will buy-back and burn $DOGAI to reduce supply. Traders and investors buy $DogAI to profit from the market dynamics.

Why choose DogAI ?

DogAI is fully Decentralized.

DogAI is building an web3 ecosystem including AI tools.

DogAI is community driven

NO VC, No Whitelist, only a fair chance for everyone to get involved in DogAI at the early stage.

Digital asset that uses AI with Analytical Markets.

Our DogAI MarketCap is a  prediction and trend analysis platform by AI will be provided to our users. The goal is to optimize and simplify the work that has to be done to achieve the targeted results, by using the power of AI.

DogAi Market Overiew

Hitting the crypto markets with  innovative Ai tools, DogAI is  targeting a market of millions of potential users

15 T
Total Cryptocurrency MCap
350 M
Crypto users
0 B+
Global AI market's worth
0 %
Of people use AI tools

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